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Insta 201 manual swing away heat

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With its 13″x13″ platens and compact frame, the Insta 201 is the perfect small format machine for use in the home, craft and hobby industries. Its swing-away design makes the Insta 201 an extremely user-friendly machine by providing completely unobstructed access to the lower platen. Loading garments and placing transfers is hassle-free.

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Insta Graphic 13" x 13" Model 201 Swing Away Heat Press

The Insta Graphic 201 is perfect for businesses, why?

Insta Graphic is known for having the best recovery time on the market.

What is recovery time?

Recovery time is the amount of time it takes the heating element to get back to the set temperature after it presses. We guarantee that this heat press machine will never move within 1-2 degrees after a press.

We believe it's one of the best features of this model. You will never have to wait, which comes in handy when you need to press 100s of items!

3x MORE Pressure

The Swing Away offers 3 times more pressure than a clamshell heat press. In addition, you need 80-90 PSI for a good transfer. This model does it every, single time.

A clamshell heat press gets 60-70 PSI. Adding 10-20 more PSI ensures your transfers stick into the fibers, not just on top. With this press, you'll press at 80-90PSI. More pressure means longer lasting products.

People need to trust your business and/or brand. But if your designs are peeling due to an inadequate heat press, how many returning customers do you expect to return and give you their business?


Perfect Presses, Every Time

Trust me, it's not as complicated as the picture. Let me explain. The Heat Element or the Platen has a ribbed heating element. This means you will have exact heating pressure, temperature and time for every single press.

Remember the fast recovery times? Add that with perfect heating pressure and time & you will get a perfect press every time.

For other presses, if you need to make 10 T-shirts you might have to make 15 due to issues with pressure and temperature.

With the Insta Graphic 201 heat press machine, even temp, time and pressure. you will get great presses, EVERY TIME.

After using this heat press i our shop, the HeatPressMachinesDirect.com team can guarantee 10 for 10 in results.

This is a GREAT investment if you're looking to save time and money when heat pressing.

Easy to Use Digital Control System

Extremely easy to use. You won’t have any problems. Here how easy it is:

1. Press the Power Button on the controller
2. Set temperature and time
3. Wait for machine to warm up
4. Start Pressing!

Once you finish pressing, a buzzer will go off to let you know it's finished. Just like an oven! Simple to use and you can start pressing immediately.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Fast Recovery Time and Amazing Brand Value
  • Swing-away upper platen
  • Pressure adjustment system for printing larger substrates
  • Protective heat shroud and on-piece wrap-around handle assembly
  • Integrated digital controller which features controls for time, temperature (F˚ or C˚), cycle counter and auto-off
  • Protective heat shroud
  • Adjustable gap opening of 2.75" to print up to .375" thick substrates
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty on the upper heating element, 1 year on parts & 90 days on labor.
  • UL, CuL & CE approved. RoHS/WEE compliant.

Depth: 23.5” (59.69 cm)
Width: 20” (50.8 cm)
Height: 15.25” (38.74 cm)
Platen Size: 13” x 13”
Shipping Weight: 77 lbs.