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OODDSS INT General Trading Company, owner of "" website respects your privacy and seeks to make this privacy compatible with the known legal requirements in regard to collecting, processing and transmitting information. By using "" website or the services provided through it (consequently, approving the terms of use), you expressly agree that Ooddss INT General Trading Company uses your information as set out in this privacy policy. Using "" website is subject to your approval of the terms of use of "" and its privacy policy. If you do not agree to the privacy terms and conditions, you shall not continue using "".

We are committed to respect and preserve the privacy of the Users and visitors using or visiting the website. The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how your information will be used including the personal information, which we might obtain from you, while you are using "" website.

The information we collect about our customers represent an important part of our work. We will not sell or share such information with any third parties. Only as mentioned hereinafter, any exchange of information will be limited to the group of companies/ branches of ooddss ENT General Trading Company, which follow or are subject to the same privacy policy.               


Collecting Personal Information and How We Use Them

  • Fulfill our obligations by providing services to you including sale and purchase of products, delivery process and obtaining the price.
  • Analyze and assess your shopping preferences (such as the market, customers, product analysis.. etc.)
  • Enable us to review, develop and improve the products and services we provide.
  • Enable us to provide you and our customers with relevant information through our marketing programs.


How Secure Is Information About Me?

We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input.

We reveal only the last four digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order. Of course, we transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing.

It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer.

We might use your personal information to make decisions on the uses of your computer technology such as choice of the products and services we think you are interested in, through the information automatically available to us. We might inform you of such products and services including special offers, competitive offer.. etc. (including products and our services of other rival companies and organizations) by email or telephone (including automatic marketing calls), text messages and other electronic messages such as video messages, mail, fax or others.

When providing us with your personal information, you will find the option of rejecting to have information about products and services, whether from us or a third party if you do not want such information, and entering in any competitive draws/ rewards.

We might complete your personal information provided to us by you with the information which we might receive from a third party (for example, credit rating agencies).


Does "" website share the information it receives?

The information related to our customers represent an essential part of our work. Therefore, we are not interested in selling such information to others. We only share information according to the conditions mentioned hereinafter following practices not less secure than the conditions referred to the privacy notice.


Fraud Prevention

To protect our customers and ourselves from fraud and theft, we might share your personal information that we receive (in order to match identity and other information with our customers records including how you made your account.. etc.) with other groups/ companies/ affiliates of Ooddss ENT General Trading Company, other third parties, organizations, retailers, financial institutions, etc. (including legal firms) specialized in fraud prevention and disclosure.

Telephone Calls

All telephone calls (incoming and outgoing) might be recorded in order to check the content and might be used along with your records for regulatory compliance, quality control, staff training, prevention or disclosure of criminal activity, and resolution of complaints.


Sharing Your Personal Information with Third Parties

While we exert great efforts to protect secrecy of the information provided to us, we might share your personal information with other group of companies of Ooddss ENT General Trading Company or we might share them with third parties, organizations, retailers, and financial institutions, which provide the same services or products we provide to you through "" for the following reasons:

  1. Follow-up and management of any rewards or competitions, which might be introduced by these companies or organizations.
  2. The agents, employees or any third party, who we agreed with to provide services to us.
  3. Any other authority, to which we agreed to transfer our rights or duties under our agreement with you.
  4. According to our right to do so or subject to requires us to do so regarding any legal procedures now or in the future, for establishing or defending our legal rights (including provision of information to others for the purposes of preventing fraud and cheating and reducing credit risks).

To develop the activities specified in this part, we transmit your personal information to global companies and organizations outside Kuwait. In turn, we will take all the actions to guarantee the secrecy of your information at the same level of security known in Kuwait and required from us under the Kuwaiti law. By approving the conditions of this privacy policy, you are approving such sharing of your personal information.

If "Ooddss ENT General Trading Company" is sold to a third party, or the company is amalgamated with a third party, the personal information must be transmitted to this third party and in this case, this party shall give due consideration to your personal information not less than the consideration we gave.



"" uses modern technology in its website represented in using "cookies" that enable identifying the User's activities and interests, which help us personalize the shopping experience on our website. This also includes using this technology to track your personal information for the purpose of tracking your activity when using "", making reports, evaluating trends and monitoring the manner in which the website is used.

By virtue of that, you agree that "” uses this technology by accepting the terms of use. If you do not want us to use cookies, you can use your web browser to delete all the cookies from your computer in the order to stop this technology, prevent cookies from your files, or receive a warning before saving cookies files.



We adequately take the procedures required to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the website or using amending, disclosing or causing damage of personal information. The information collected and stored are identified and protected using all the means available. “OODDSS INT General Trading Company” is not responsible for any unauthorized access by a third party, unless such access has occurred due to our negligence or willful misuse.

Protecting your information is an important thing to us, therefore we take the following precaution in order to protect your personal information in a better was:

We take the technical and regulatory precautions required to prevent loss, misuse or change of your personal information including using Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL).

Transactions are managed through our partnership with K-net company and Gulf Bank and our website is approved by VeriSign.

We store all your personal information provided to us by you in our password protected systems on the server. All electronic processes made or received by you will be encrypted using (SSL) technology.


We will reveal the last four digits of your credit card number or debit card, while in case of using visa or master card, you will have to provide us with the CVV number. When using K-net card, you will be requested to provide the password in order to confirm the transaction. However, you will be requested to provide the entire card number of the relevant debit/ credit company (K-net or Megz) during the processing of the transaction.

It is highly important to emphasize your role in protecting your account or password on your computer. You shall also make sure that you log out from your account when logging our from “”.



Product Rating:

It is possible that after two weeks from receiving your product an email will be sent to in invite you to provide your feedback or rate the products you bought. In addition, we might ask you to answer some questions related to the product you have bought as issued by other clients.



Renewal of Marketing Activity provides the opportunity to use cookies to collect information about the website visitors and therefore, display Google marketing activities in specific times to provide the content suitable for shoppers and better shopping service. This might include but not be limited to displaying our advertisements or those of a third party on Google networks and some websites and web browsers, which are carefully selected. We in respect your privacy and are committed to giving you the right to choose among these ads. You can also control this by setting your preferences in the feature of renewal of marketing activities.


Please note:

Your comments and remarks might be shared with other companies/ branches or locations of OODDSS INT General Trading Company.

Once you send your rating, the question and answers will appear in within 72 hours and according to your publication manual.

Your remarks might appear unidentified, or if you with you can leave your rating without explanation.

After sending your rating, you cannot amend or delete it.

If you have any other queries regarding this service or if you want to delete your comment, please call customer service.


General Notes:

You have the right to use a copy or you personal information, which are stored by us. However, submission of these information is subject to the following conditions:

You shall submit a written request


You shall provide is with a proper proof of your identity (for this purpose, we usually accept a copy of validated passport or civil card in addition to an original notification or your electricity invoice in order to demonstrate your address).

However, we might withhold such information up to the extent permitted by law.

You can send an email to us requesting not to give personal information for marketing purposes at any time. If you feel that your personal information held by us are incorrect, you can contact us.

Our website might contain links from other websites. OODDSS INT General Trading Company is not responsible for any wrong practices by other websites not subscribed to OODDSS INT General Trading Company. We encourage the users to read statements of privacy and use of any website that collects the User’s personal information.

 You might receive email from OODDSS INT General Trading Company Based on your Subscription. If you want at any time to cancel your subscription, you can unsubscribe by logging on you account and uncheck “newsletter”.

Any change in the privacy policy or other information we collect in the future will be published on website. Such changes will take effect on the date of publication (see the publication date above).  Reviewing the privacy policy from time to time in order to make sure that you are aware of any changes is your responsibility. We might notify you by email of any changes in the privacy policy.


Contact us

If you have any comment/ question or request regarding the privacy policy and conditions, you can contact us by email: [email protected] or call our customer service: 98984847 / 97971764 of OODDSS INT General Trading Company.