Terms and condition

Terms and conditions


1-      OODDSS
welcome to OODDSS.com. we wish to please and enjoy with what we are offering. Please read the terms and conditions to avoid any problems. By registration, you are accepting these terms and conditions. If you don't agree this terms and conditions, please don't access our site.


2-      Registration
anyone can register in OODDSS.com without any charge. The dashboard gives you free to buy or sell at the same time with one username.


3-      Your information
you have to provide us certain information. And register your own email and password. It is not allowed to share your account with someone else.


4-      Communications
you agree that we can communicate with you by email or your mobile number. And for any updates or announcements in general will be send.


5-      Amendments to this User Agreement
Once registered you agree that OODDSS has the right to modify the site's policies, agreements or any other amendments whether they increase or decrease your rights and obligations, so as to ensure the rights of all users, and we will inform you via e-mail.


6-      Payments
OODDSS provide you with safe electronic payment service, or Cash on Delivery, where each user has the right to choose the appropriate payment method, it must be all the buying and selling through the website.


7-      Costs
Each seller or store has the right to control the pricing of their products and provide offers determined by the amount or the time of sale including suits him. Seller has to set the product price with it’s original price, so the seller can’t rise up the price in the website.



8-      Your information
once registered you agree that OODDSS granted the freedom to use your private information during registration or other activity to serve you.


9-      Seller protection
OODDSS wish to provide you the best services. that contribute to the provision of a better and easier sales ways, that fit the needs of each vendor. to achieve the best possible result. and to contribute to providing the best opportunities for each vendor. To compete in providing the best products at the best prices. and the right of each vendor control his store. Prices, offers and advertising, sharing gifts to the buyer.

Seller must obligate with our terms and conditions and not sell prohibited products. or display pictures of its products contrary to morality. and all products should be corresponding to the specifications written description and images. and that the seller bears the responsibility to be the products reach a sound condition.
in the case of any issue or defect to the product it is the seller responsible for replacement or return the amount and the delivery charge.
In the event of a fault of the seller bears the product in terms of delivery and other switching costs.


10-   Buyer Protection

OODDSS provides terms and conditions guarantee Buyer's rights,
If you receive a product that does not conform to the description or image, or if there is a defect in the product, or a mistake in the delivery or the product, you have the right to change the product prior departing the deliverer.
In the case of delivering the product and the absence of the product’s buyer, the product will be delivered to the person(s) in the same address and the signatory will be responsible for receiving the product.
If the order is returned due to a mistake from the seller, the seller will bear the return costs.
If the order is returned due to a mistake from the buyer and the product was in its original condition, the buyer will bear the return costs.


11-  Violation of the terms of use
In case of violation of the Terms of Use, we have the right to terminate your membership immediately and in case of violation:
- Validity of the information provided
- Terms and Conditions of Commerce in Kuwait
- Lack of credibility in advertising
- selling the membership


12- Products that are prohibited:
Prohibits the sale and purchase of the following:
- Fake fashion products for brands registered locally or internationally
- stolen products
- What is contrary to Islamic ethics of books, stories, novels and tools (according to the laws of the Ministry of Information)
- Unlicensed medicines from the Ministry of Health
- Weapons
- Copy and paste any information belonging to another member
- Attached images or video contains scenes of the Islamic ethics
- fireworks
-Alcohol and Drugs
- Animals
- Movies that contain scenes offensive to Islamic ethics
- Musical instruments
- Songs CDs, DVDs, etc.
- Military clothes and tools

- Unauthorized cosmetics
- Unauthorized personal care tools.


13-  Conditions of warranty
OODDSS does not guarantee any product, each store has its own conditions, please check the warranty conditions for each store or product before buying.


14-   Return policy
Each store has his own return policy. Before buying you must check that policy. OODDSS can’t bear to return the goods if it’s does not match to the terms of the store, where the return period for each store is written in the product page.